Young Red Brocket Deer Sighting!

31st October 2018

A walk into the forest tonight turned up a pleasant encounter: a Red Brocket Deer fawn.

We were making our way quietly along the trail when Mark spotted a deer roughly 15 meters into the forestĀ  in his headlamp. He motioned for the rest of us to turn off our lights and follow him; we then made our way slowly through the trees until we came several meters away from a fawn partially hidden in the vegetation.

We could see the white spots on its back and its head was up, dark eyes gazing intently in our direction. It didn’t spook though, as we knelt silently on the ground and observed it for a moment.

Mark was closest to it; he motioned for me to hand over my camera and then he very quietly moved a bit closer in order to capture some photos of it. He managed to get several nice shots of it and, after a few minutes, we all slowly backed away and made our way to the trail again.

The little fawn never moved and we were all pleased to have been able to observe and take photographs without disturbing it.


Story written by Mark Fernley