The Monkey Lizard, (Polychrus marmoratus) By Robin Hedley

24th April 2018

Photographed in the Rainforest of the Tambopata next to the lodge of Wasai here in the Lowland Peruvian Amazon, intern Robin Hedley managed to capture a clear and well positioned photograph of this tree dweller.

Polychrus is the only extant genus of polychrotine lizard in the world. Commonly called bush anoles, they are found in Central and South America, as well as nearby Trinidad and Tobago. Polychrus means “many colored”. True anoles in other genera are now placed in Dactyloidae. Polychrus is presently in the subfamily Polychrotinae (part of family Iguanidae), although some prefer to elevate it to family level as Polychrotidae.

Story written by Mark Fernley