The Look Out, River Las Piedras

20th June 2018

Our second week started in the early morning around 4:45am which wasn’t ideal for someone who dislikes early mornings like myself, it took the other interns to physically hit me with my pillow to get me up. Once I was up and had some caffeine in me I couldn’t contain the excitement for what the day had to hold, all I knew was that we were in for a steep climb to a vantage point where the whole canopy can be seen from. After a short but cold morning boat ride of only ten minutes we had arrived at the foot of the trail and Marks description of a steep climb was not exaggerated.

The climb itself was tough, the combination of a steep terrain, fallen trees and cloudy cover made for a gruelling walk. My calf muscles tightened after every step as well as having a constant battle with my mind wishing to stop but in reality wanting to keep going, my fellow interns Anna and Jase were also struggling but I was unsure whether it was due to the early morning or the difficult terrain.

Finally after a gruelling 20 minute walk we had finally reached the vantage point, the view itself was so magnificent that it made me instantly forget the pain my legs were in as well as making all the physical challenge worth it. The first 15 minutes at the viewpoint were spent just taking in the natural beauty of the rainforest with trees at every angle and as far as the eye could see. To simply observe the amazing view through my eyes rather than a camera lens was a special moment.

It was then time to take the cameras out and get down to business. The early morning cloud cover gave the canopy an amazing 3D effect giving the possibility for amazing landscape pictures. As time went on the cloud cover went further and further back, I then used this opportunity to set up a time lapse to capture the effect of the forest revealing itself from a shroud of mystery. The viewpoint also proved as a great place to see Macaws and other stunning bird species allowing Anna a natural bird enthusiast the chance to take pictures.

Blog written by Cameron Forshaw

Story written by Mark Fernley