Seeing the Tree Boa at Tambopata

23rd June 2018

Finding ourselves in the marshy swamplands at night was to be expected when looking for a snake that only shows itself in these settings. The Amazon Tree Boa normally lives in the canopies, making it too hard to see, let alone photograph. However, all animals must eat and the best time to see this snake is when it hunts lower down or during colder weather as it comes down to get warmer.

Having looked for this snake on many other night walks, we were all the more excited when we finally found one. The one we happened upon had just eaten its dinner, with a lump in its stomach and a docility about its movement. These factors contributed to being able to get some fantastic pictures and allowing us to move on to photograph other things on our bucket-list.

Photography by Mark Fernley

By Intern: Robin Hedley

Story written by Mark Fernley