Photo of the Week By Jeroen Ten Haaf

18th February 2016

A great shot of a Giant Gladiator Frog (Hypsiboas boans), aka Rusty Tree Frog, taken at the Las Piedras Biodiversity Station, Las Piedras River, Madre de Dios, Peru, about 70 km NW of the city of Puerto Maldonado. This midnight shot taken over a beautiful stream was perfectly positioned and provided a deep dark space to the left of the frog. The featureless, black background makes the frog stand out and forces the viewer to focus on the frog itself. The eyes were perfectly focused (always important when it comes to frog portraits) and the stature of the frog was eye-catching. Great shot Jeroen!

You can hear what this frog sounds like by clicking on this link:


Story written by Mark Fernley