(Puma Concolor) M.I.S.S, Mirror 10

4th July 2018

(Puma concolor) Mirror10, LPAC, LasPiedras, Madre de Dios, Peru

On the 7th June 2018 we returned to Mirror 10 (M10) located near a stream treefall at station LPAC on the situated alongside the Las Piedras River. Here we came to check the mirror early in the morning and there we spotted many prints of a puma painted onto it. Myself and my team of interns photographed it for evidence.

We then checked the camera trap positioned 2m away from the mirror and there we could not believe our eyes. We had managed to capture over 1 hour of footage of one Puma individual. The Puma that is seen above and in the linked YouTube video below is the first individual Puma (Puma concolor) we have recorded.

Video contains vocal clips towards (m10) only.


On the arrival of (P concolor) we notice that he gets a shock from his reflection. He raises his back legs and his posture becomes taller and bold towards the reflection or his opposition in the mirror. This is somewhat an insecure and territorial behaviour. (P concolor) then continues to smell the mirror with contact to the mirror only with the nose briefly touching. Shortly after, (P, concolor) begins to moan almost like a stray dog that seems very unusual. After each 5 second moan with the face pressed onto the mirror, the individual hisses showing its teeth that could either be a sign of aggression or a form of social communication. Interestingly (P concolor) scent marks and throughout the one hour he interacts with (M10), he sits down and seems to enjoy the company of the reflection or in other words, the other Puma concolor.

This quick insight of (P concolor) with (M10) is a brief description to explain the individual’s interactions. More will be posted on this event in greater detail.

Written by Mark A Fernley

Story written by Mark Fernley