9th April 2019

After a time working with Silver Back Films, Untamed Photography’s photographer Mark Fernley had really pushed the limits to try and get as much footage for camera man Sam for the production of “OUR PLANET”. In the space of two weeks located at the Las Piedras Amazon Center, here in the Peruvian Amazon, the Untamed Photography crew began to get set up locations and install camera traps along with assisting the camera man of Silver Back Films. Untamed Photography had successfully captured some footage that would hopefully be used in the production.

When the time came, Untamed Photography had  footage in the production of “OUR PLANET”! The footage consisted of a Red Bocket Deer and a Red  Squirrel feasting on clay like a hamburger. Other footage by Untamed photography and camera man was included for the sequence of the Peruvian Amazonian claylick.

Images above showing the footage!

Story written by Mark Fernley