My Smooth Fronted Caiman Shoot!

22nd May 2018

The Smooth fronted Caiman!

Finishing our time at LPAC was sad, but it meant moving on to the next exciting location: Secret Forest. Going out on night walks here followed similar procedures to back at LPAC, but when we decided to look for caiman to photograph it meant getting wet!

The smooth fronted caiman is often found on the sides of streams and rivers, identifiable by its red eye reflection when illuminated by a torch. Wading through the murky river, with little a clue of what lay beneath, found ourselves trying to get around some of the tree fall that was blocking the stream. When we looked around to find another way we were confronted by a pair of white eye reflections. Keeping quiet and moving slowly we were able to get a better view of what turned out to be an Ocelot! This rare and mysterious cat was watching us intently and seeing what trouble we were causing. Though we weren’t able to get any pictures of it, it was an exhilarating find and a memory we won’t soon forget.

Making our way past the tree fall we eventually found what we had been looking for. This smooth fronted caiman made for some fantastic pictures while sitting on a log just above the water. Content with some awesome pictures and more stories to tell, it was time for bed. An unforgettable night!


By Intern: Robin Hedley

Story written by Mark Fernley