(Leopardus pardalis) M.I.S.S, Mirror 10

4th July 2018

(Leopardus pardalis) Mirror 10, LPAC, Las Piedras, Madre de Dios, Peru

This individual (Leopardus pardalis) was also captured on the camera trap on mirror 10 at a stream in LPAC located near the Las Piedras River. This individual (L pardalis) remained at the mirror for several minutes and had very minor interactions with its reflection. The tail is down showing a sign of fear and confusion. Throughout our many sightings of Ocelot individuals interacting with mirrors 1-10 in the Madre de Dios region, we have found that smaller cats such as Leopardus pardalis are more afraid and less interactive towards the mirrors.

Written by Mark A Fernley

Story written by Mark Fernley