Jeroen Ten Haaf

Photography Leader

A Dutch wildlife photographer whose focus lies on imaging animals and plants in their natural habitat. From an early age he Jeroen has been fascinated with nature, more especially with the myriad of species to be found in tropical habitats around the world, including of course humid rainforests. His passion, bordering on addiction, for the tropics in general, and for these ecosystems in particular, keeps growing year on year with every successive photography-related expedition that he has lead. With trips to Costa Rica, Bonaire, Galapagos Islands, South Africa, and of course Peru under his belt, in conjunction with a degree in Ecology and Wildlife from Helicon SVE Velp University and an intensive nature-guide course at the Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability in the Netherlands, and copious amounts of slow, careful wildlife observation along the way, he has opened his eyes even more to the natural wonders that tropical forests have to offer and the urgent need to use as many strategies as possible, and quickly, to conserve these species-rich regions of the planet. Taking and sharing quality wildlife imagery is just one of the urgent activities needed to raise awareness of the plight of rainforests around the world, as this imagery inspires positive action. This, combined with actually bringing people from around the world closer to this mind-blowing ecosystem and teaching them to better understandings of the forest through photography and specifically as one of the leaders at Untamed Photography Ltd, is also the way he will continue to contribute to saving these oceans of trees and the creatures that call rainforests home.

When not in the tropics Jeroen is immersed in the Dutch Marshlands close to his home, which seasonally team with migrant waterfowl, owls, and other wildlife.

He invites you to view and comment on his growing portfolio of global wildlife here: