Dr. Chris Kirkby

Co-Director and Logistics Leader

A tropical research scientist, avid conservation practitioner, and environmental economist with degrees from University of Edinburgh, University of York, and University of East Anglia, Chris has been focusing his energies for the last 20 years on understanding the dynamics of Amazon rainforest wildlife species in Peru and identifying the best ways to conserve the largest rainforest on the Planet. He currently leads two non-profit organisations involved in research and conservation efforts in the south-eastern rainforests of Peru, Fauna Forever and ARCAmazon.

He learnt quickly that in order to better engage a local and international public with the awesomeness of tropical forests and the wildlife they harbour, then people needed to see quality and engaging images and video of wild nature, and if possible experience tropical landscapes for themselves, and ultimately get involved in the long-term effort to conserve nature.

With this in mind, Chris has been encouraging researchers, volunteers, interns, ecotourists and photographers to visit, study, photograph, and fall in love with the Amazon rainforest for years. By establishing Untamed Photography Ltd his wish was to expand the invitation for amateur wildlife photographers to spend quality time immersed in tropical nature at unforgettable places around the world, and through their passion for photography spread the word and the feeling that tropical wildlife is awesome, mindblowing, and is deserving of our respect and protection.

Chris lives with his wife and two daughters in Cusco, Peru, the gateway city to the Inca citadel of Machu picchu, and spends half of every month deep in the nearby Amazon rainforest pushing hard to understand and conserve it..