Duski Titi Monkeys, A Close Encounter!

29th April 2018


We had a bit of excitement on this rainy, dreary day. Later in the afternoon there was a lull in the rain and shortly thereafter several Dusky Titi Monkeys (Callicebus moloch) paid a visit to the edge of the forest surrounding our platform. We heard their whooping calls, then two of them emerged from the thick vegetation in order to climb along some fallen trees in the clearing. I laid down on the floor of the platform with my camera focused on the closest monkey, and managed to capture multiple images of it scampering down the log and curiously poking at some leaves near the ground. It glanced around and after a few minutes climbed back up the log to the edge of the trees. Dusky Titi’s have thick, brown fur that makes them look rather round and fluffy. This one had thin strands of wet fur sticking out all over its back, due to the rainy day.

The second monkey stayed at the edge of the forest, climbing among the vines and branches. It was a bit further away but I was still able to capture some shots of it surrounded by its habitat. After about 15 minutes or so they both made their their way back up into the trees where they disappeared into the forest. They are normally found in groups of 2-5 individuals and these were the only two that we saw emerge from the trees. Groups of these monkeys occupy specific territories, although their boundaries change frequently. They will vocalize loudly upon encountering another group in order to defend their territory. We would hear them from time to time giving their loud whooping calls and screams but we normally didn’t see them this close to the platform. It was nice having them visit us and I’m hoping to see them close by like this again!

Story written by Jaime Thomas, Intern of untamedphotography.net

Story written by Mark Fernley