Photo of the Week By Mark Fernley

10th February 2016

Untamed photography introduces a great way for clients to observe wild creatures through the lens without any disturbance whatsoever. We have a number of camera traps for our photographers use. Of course we know the best locations for such devices and our clients are advised on best positioning and cameras set up. Camera traps can give some very rewarding results giving clients the possibility of capturing their own and sometimes rare footage simply not possible with a hand held camera. What is better is the knowledge that the footage provides natural behaviour with no human interference!

In this case, a camera trap was set up on a log that was over a medium sized stream at the Las Piedras Amazon Center. We had noticed embedded on the log were many claw markings from possibly some cat and the camera trap was set up at that location. Then we waited and hoped.

After one week, we had captured a Tyra (Eira barbara), an Ocelot (Leopardus pardardus), and several kingfishers (Chloroceryle amazona) & (Chloroceryle aenea). On examining the very last piece of footage we were amazed to see we had captured a jaguar (Panthera onca) that stood in front of the camera in all of its natural glory. The beast then lay down on the log and began to claw at the rotten wood. This concluded our assumption that the markings that we had previously seen on the log weeks before were made by a cat and what a spectacular piece of footage for Untamed Photography.


Story written by Mark Fernley