Another Fine Day to Photograph Blue & Yellow Macaws

29th December 2017


Today I showed Lana the lake where the beautiful Blue-and-Yellow Macaws are nesting. The day had started out cloudy and rainy but by lunchtime the sun was peaking through. We arrived there close to the middle of the afternoon and by then it was sunny and we had a beautiful blue sky over the lake. There was one macaw in the tree closest to the edge of the lake, sitting at the edge of the hollow opening in the tree. We started off by taking some photos of it but then it turned and climbed up inside of the tree. So we waited for another 15-20 minutes before another pair of macaws showed up. During the next two hours we saw 5 pairs of macaws fly back and forth to the palm trees. We spent some time trying to capture photos of them in flight and landing in the trees. At one point during that time some large, dark clouds passed overhead, reducing the amount of light where the macaws were perched in the trees. We took a short break and observed some of the other species of birds flying back and forth over the lake and to various trees nearby. We saw Blue Grey Tanagers, a possible Kiskadee, several songbirds we couldn’t identify, numerous swallows of at least three different species and a few toucans that flew to some trees on the other side of the lake. The clouds eventually passed overhead and we had blue sky again. It was late afternoon by this time and we stayed until we lost the sunlight over the lake. Several pairs of macaws flew in to roost for the evening but we could still hear the others out there calling and screeching loudly, breaking up the otherwise quiet atmosphere of this peaceful place. As we left the lake we saw a Sunbittern take off from where it had been standing close to the water and land on a large branch ahead of the path. We stopped to watch it and managed to capture a few photos of it before it flew off. We continued our walk back to camp as the sun was setting, pleased that the afternoon had turned out so nice compared to the rainy morning that had started off the day! A perfect time to visit the macaws again.

By Jaime Thomas, Intern

Story written by Mark Fernley