About Us

Our Ultimate Untamed Mission

Wildlife photography workshops & tours in some of the most untamed and least explored environments on the Planet. Co-Directors Mark Fernley & Dr Chris Kirkby and their team aim to teach wildlife and landscape photography on a completely different level in some of the most challenging but most beautiful areas on Earth.

What We Do

Access to Wilderness Sites

Accompanying biologists to help identify wildlife species

Free Equipment

Conservation Policy

We support nature conservation

A proportion of our profits are channelled to the national park authorities in the areas we visit, both via the payment of entrance fees and direct donations to specific programs. We have also identified non-profit conservation organisations that are active in our workshop and tour destination areas, which receive funds as well as imagery and video from us as a way of assisting them with the important task of maintaining the ecological integrity of the ecosystems that we value so highly –not least for the photography opportunities that stable and healthy ecosystems provide. We also employ rangers and conservation organisation staff as guides and speakers. When it comes to handling wild animals, which occasionally happens when we want to place an animal into a white-box for instance, we follow a strict minimum impact policy. This consists of handling an animal for the minimum period necessary (measured in minutes) followed by the return of the animal as quickly as possible to the point of capture. When handling amphibians, reptiles and birds, our instructions to team members underline the need for hands and fingers to be free of insect repellent, as this can be damaging to them.

Lodges and Research Stations

We support ecotourism and wildlife researchers

All of our workshops and tours are designed to use existing lodge and research station infrastructure in the regions and countries we focus on. We have chosen these with care to ensure our clients get the best possible access to quality landscapes and wildlife, without compromising comfort or safety, whilst also contributing to local livelihoods and nature conservation. Only those destinations that have a tried and tested ecotourism policy, one which maximises benefits for local people whilst also contributing directly to nature conservation at the local level, have been chosen to host our workshops and tours. The research stations we use have the added benefit of their own resident staff of biologists who are on hand to assist our teams locate wildlife species and provide the correct species names when required.