“How many people are able to say that they’ve floated down the Amazon on a self-constructed balsa wood raft? This was the real jungle adventure I’d been hoping to experience. Waking up from my hammock to the sight of a troop of squirrel monkeys passing just meters overhead was truly unforgettable and just one of the many highlights of the expedition. Paddling to avoid tree debris in the river, dealing with sand-flies and mosquitos were all worth the unique and exciting jungle experience!”

Joe Boot

“A GREAT ADVANTURE OF A LIFE TIME! This spring, I went on a rafting trip with Mark from Untamed Photography. We travelled to Lucerna via the back of a tuk tuk and then travelled up river by boat to the Las Piedras biodiversity station where we camped for several days before making our raft. We then constructed the raft using balsa and begin the journey back to Puerto Maldonado. It was approximately 5 days of floating down river and making camp at night alongside the river. All in all it was a great adventure.”

Dylan Singer

“I would seriously recommend this macro photographic workshop to anyone with a passion for close ups and a way to learn quickly. When arriving at the lodge, the local staff were entertaining and very friendly. The Two photographers were more than enthusiastic to teach us inventive ways to capture the small macro world. I truly recommend this workshop to everyone, even people who do not have any photographic experience. A great adventure, Thanks guys!”

Andrew Moor

“The photographic leaders during my photographic expedition through the rainforest were both safety conscious and fun. Their photographic skills were at the top of the scale!”

Steven Hines

“The photographers were great tutors with the camera and scientifically knowledgeable. The Macro workshop was set in a beautiful location, it could not get any better!”

Sophie Blackwood

“The lodging was superb! Great views over the lake and the photographers had great enthusiasm for teaching the camera techniques. I would recommend this macro workshop to anyone!”

Joe Eden

“This balsa wood rafting expedition was out of this world!! Untamed Photography allowed me to live my dream in rafting down an Amazonian river while go-pro’ing the entire adventure! Mark’s SLR photographic tips and opportunities were great throughout! .”

Richard M Eastwood

“I had a great time, the untamed team were great photographic teachers and allowed me to do more than photography and allowed me to truly explore the forest floor. A wikid macro workshop.”

Anna L Bead

“Magical moments, curiosities, strange, new and unusual! Creatures at the Amazon Rainforest & Conservation Centre (ARCC) and the Las Piedras Research Station (PIE) makes the rainforest a photographers paradise!”

Moira Gardner